Your Presence

For my first post I think it would be only appropriate to share one of the first lyrics I ever wrote after becoming a Christian in Fall of 2010. I wrote these lyrics in a tough time in my life. My girlfriend that I had been dating for 3 years and 4 months and I broke up because our lives were leading in different directions and honestly she was at Crane School of Music in NY while I had been attending Liberty University in VA. The distance was too much for too long. She was my everything and I thought she would be my bride at a time. After various circumstances, we broke up and I felt the loneliness set in. I had no one that was as close to me as this girl. A part of me shattered into dust and couldn’t be glued back together. The pieces of my life were so broken it was like a 1 million piece puzzle. I had nothing worth sharing with anyone. After much mourning and time, I realized that my deep scars were being healing and filled with an everlasting, perfect love. 

On a rainy cold fall morning, in a parking lot on campus I wrote this in my car (if only I could play it on piano for you):


For you alone my soul will wait in silence

I was created for an offering of praise

In my heart, I know that you are my salvation

In the quiet I will glorify your name

In the quiet I will glorify your name


At my lowest times in life you are my refuge

A great protector and provider you are king

My life clings to you, and your hand upholds me gently

I find rest in the shadow of your wings

I find rest in the shadow of your wings


I long to be near you, you are better than life

To run to you Lord, and in your arms I would cry

But I’ll bow before you, Holy One most high

            I need to know you, to kneel before you

            I’ll offer up my life, to see your face shine


But in this dry and weary land I search and seek you

And in my desert you provide fresh water springs

My soul thirsts for you, for your love is everlasting

I have joy in your presence my king

I have joy in your presence my king


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