Dream of the Atheist King

Last night I had a very strange dream. I was at an Atheist convention and surrounded by free thinking men and women of all ages. The inside of the building looked like an airport and there were many escalators and crowds of people trying to get to the next speaker’s session. I sought out Richard Dawkins and found him walking in the midst of the crowd in this large hallway. I was so excited because he is renown for his beliefs. He represents everything natural and scientific.

Richard was wearing his usual suit and tie, while I was in a T-shirt and jeans carrying my backpack. I wanted him to sign a book that I had in my bag, and he did. Then I started to talk to him about my belief in God and thoughts about the Bible and other ideas. He was not amused in the slightest and obviously thought I was foolish in my thinking. But I loved it.

Dawkins asked me questions about my faith and the irrational evidence that would support my claims. In turn I asked him about Darwinism and his findings in biology. I asked him what he thought about certain ideologies; and though they were completely opposite of mine, I was not threatened in the least. In the deepest places of my being I knew what I believed and so talking to Dawkins did not make me waver. It was amazing to hear about his way of thinking and beliefs because it challenged mine. I like trying to understand various ‘proven’ perspectives on the natural universe. I liked hearing his explanations because they seem perfectly plausible.

As we were talking and just getting to some great topics, I woke up in my bed in disillusionment. I was confused coming back to reality then saddened that I did not really meet Richard Dawkins. I wanted to talk to him one on one about what he believes. I hope one day I actually can meet him and have a conversation with him.

One might wonder why I would want to meet Dawkins because I am a Theist- not only that, but also a follower and lover of Jesus Christ. I would answer: I enjoy hearing Dawkins debate and hearing rational reasons not to believe in God, as well as rebuttals and refutations of common Christian thought. Listening to debates often puts my faith through refining fire. Sometimes I experience doubt but most times they strengthens my belief. I have to find explanations for the uncertainty and discrepancies in Christianity. It makes me study the Bible and other various books to be prepared to justify my beliefs (1 Peter 3:15). I have never been so stretched in my thinking and in apologetics of the Scriptures until the last few months.

In conclusion, what I realized from this dream is that I care about non christians. I try to understand common atheist/agnostic thought because I was there not so long ago. I want evidence for everything and do not believe unless I can perceive it within my senses or through scrutiny in experience or logical reasoning.

Now, everyone in the world has biases intertwined in their thinking and perceptions from the influence of cultural norms, society and a life of nurture. That is obvious. But for the most part people are the same in that we want to know the truth! My heart goes out to the people in the world because they are looking for answers and truth. They need clear evidence. Beside the evidence of creation, the only solution is a supernatural experience from God to make them believe. There is nothing new as christians we can say. The free thinking world has heard it all. (Though I hope they have heard it honest and correct source.) I have come to understand that there is no amount of debating or arguing over the existence of God that will push someone to become a believer in Christ. It can help. But the furthest that evidence will get you to, is to Deism. But it takes an act of God to change someone’s way of thinking and heart. We can’t bring people to God. God brings people to himself. We can be a part of that though, and I think the most effective way is to be different from the world – to show the love of Jesus to all people and to live the love of Jesus out through action. Giving of love, compassion, kindness, grace, understanding, time, energy, money and forgiveness.


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