My name is Thomas Madison.

I love God, People, and Music. I am for God’s glory and I live to show Jesus to everyone. My purpose is to spend life obsessed, consumed, passionate, and radically in love with the Author of Life being led by Him. I pour everything into relationships because people are so important to me. I am a writer. I like to write words but also music because music speaks to people in a way that words alone cannot. I write in the form of songs, poetry and free writing. Writings will go to many places that I will never go.

I’m a sojourner. My eyes gaze on the horizon of eternity. I’m one of many in this place we live. Nothing is new. I write my ideas and thoughts from my minute perceptions, through this relative language we speak and through the limited form of expression we have. I’m painting with three primary colors. Hopefully I can paint meaningful word pictures of truth that can speak to your being or reveal something new about your soul. If I can make you think and rethink what you know, then I have been successful. Now, I share my contemplations and my experiences with you because they’re all I know and all I can share.


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