Last week I had the privilege of visiting my family in New York. ┬áIt was an awesome visit to say the least and each day I was there my parents had planned some sort of activity. Last Sunday we went to the state fair. There’s a lot to do at the fair. You can eat […]

The summer after eighth grade was a life changing one. It was the first summer that I could go to Camp Hickory Hill for a week with my Sunday School friends – Zach and Matt. Camp HH was hidden in the green forests of upstate NY and was a true break from culture and everyday […]

Last night I had a very strange dream. I was at an Atheist convention and surrounded by free thinking men and women of all ages. The inside of the building looked like an airport and there were many escalators and crowds of people trying to get to the next speaker’s session. I sought out Richard […]

This post is dedicated to the last month of adventuring in the United States. Long story short, me and six other guys were blessed to be sponsored by Liberty University to lead worship at various churches and to go camping and hiking around the west coast. We got a bus, and we got our gas […]

For my first post I think it would be only appropriate to share one of the first lyrics I ever wrote after becoming a Christian in Fall of 2010. I wrote these lyrics in a tough time in my life. My girlfriend that I had been dating for 3 years and 4 months and I […]